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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

  • • To put it simply, Customer Service
  • • When we started the company, we started with a blank slate. The one question we asked ourselves at every step was, what will be the easiest for our customers.
  • • We started with a free 0800 number (0800668692 if you want to chat), then got it transferred to the boss’s cell phone after hours, so you can call when it suits you.
  • • We then decided that 100% mobile fitting would save our customers a lot more time and hassle, so that’s what we do, wherever it suits you.
  • • To make payment easier we equipped our mobile technicians with mobile eftpos machines, and tablets so we can take payment and email you an invoice on the spot.
  • • Some customers wanted to pay with Visa and Mastercard, so we accept those as well.
  • • We thought it would be nice to send our clients a reminder of their appointment, so we use a system that sends out an email reminder as well as texts so you always know what’s happening.
  • • We have now upgraded our website so you can have a good look at the products we have for your vehicle, and the pricing , so you can choose the system that best suits your needs. You can then tailor it using the selectable options and book your fitting using our online booking calendar for the most convenient time for you.
  • • We didn’t think you would want to pay for your product until it is fitted to your car, so no payment is made through the web booking system, just pay our technicians when the job is completed.