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Trailer Wiring

There are a few options to consider when booking your towbar to be fitted. The wiring connection is used to power the tail lights on the trailer so people don’t crash into you. In New Zealand the standard connection is the flat 7 pin plug, although we carry adaptors for the older round plugs if needed. When ordering your towbar there will be different options depending on vehicle model.

No Wiring

If you are only going to be using your towbar for bike racks, or pulling a wheelie bin up your drive, you probably don’t need a trailer wiring connection at all. Having no wiring fitted also means you can’t be pressured into helping your mates/kids/parents move house. Again.

Standard Wiring

The majority of cars that we fit towbars to only need a standard wiring kit. This simple system piggybacks off your cars electrical system at the tail lights. We utilize cutless wire taps so as not to cut any of your vehicles wiring, and wrap any connections in “anti rattle insulation wrap”.

Wiring Interface

Many late model and European vehicles will require a wiring interface to be fitted with the trailer wiring connection. This unit isolates the load from the trailer lights from the vehicle wiring to protect the vehicles computer and prevent trouble codes. We import the interfaces from the UK to ensure reliability.

Vehicle Specific Wiring

Vehicle specific wiring kits are designed and built to work in tandem with the electrical system of your vehicle. They may communicate with a vehicle’s other control units to alter other vehicle settings as required. This will deactivate the rear fog lamps and parking aids on the vehicle and will activate the dash trailer indicator warning light. They can have the capacity to modify (model dependent) vehicle systems: anti-lock braking, traction control and stability control program systems. This is definitely advantageous when it comes to towing.