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Weight Ratings

Your towbar will come with a placard with up to 3 numbers on it, the unbraked weight, the braked weight and possibly the tongue weight. These weights are set by the vehicle manufacturer, not us or the towbar supplier. On some vehicles we can supply and fit a towbar with a rating lower than the vehicles maximum, this is a great solution if you are on a budget and only need your towbar for a light garden trailer or bike rack etc.

Unbraked Weight

This is the weight your car can tow using a trailer with no brakes fitted. The weight includes the load weight and the weight of the trailer.

Braked Weight

This is the amount your vehicle can tow when using a trailer with brakes fitted, again the weight is to include the trailer and load.

Tongue Weight

Is the downward weight that your towbar and vehicle can support.

NOTE: Bike racks can often put more load on a towbar than a trailer so if you have more than 2 bikes on a rack, please use a load strap from the rack to the top of your boot lid.